Thank you for confirming the information you submitted to the SCRS for your online listing.

Listen for announcements from your 2013 leadership on when the new site will be going live.


Warmest Regards,
Allen Wallace @ Wallace Hagler LLC

A little bit about our company:
Wallace Hagler is a national leader in E-marketing and Business Development. We help Doctors like yourselves Get More Patients by using the most advanced online techniques in Website Development, Reputation Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, and Search Marketing (targeted both locally, and internationally where applicable). Our techniques are government-resistant so changes brought on by Obama-care and other government mandates will not reduce the value or effectiveness of your already spent marketing dollars.


Additionally, on a personal note, my wife Tracy has been a Lupus sufferer for 5 years now, so I have a familiarity with some of the work that you do as Rheumatologists, and some of the benefits that patients who currently are not using the best Rheumatologist in the Nation will receive when they discover you in their own backyard.

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